Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I feel so old...

I got my first cane in the mail today !!
In the box along with the cane and directions was a whole series of mixed emotions....
I mean... I need it, there's no doubt about it.
The Dr. has ordered it.
I can barely walk on my own anymore.
The Doctors orders say I'm not suppose to walk for more than 5 minutes at a time :(

Uhhh....the dreaded moment in an old woman's life!!
But wait.... I'm not even old yet!!
Am I ?? I mean I'm only 38!!
This can't be right...
Maybe this is for the neighbor....'s for me. 
I can only wish it was for the neighbor.

At's pretty cool looking :)
Check it out....

I chose the blue one!!
It's actually more like a teal (my favorite color!!)

I've already checked it out around the house...
Now I just have to get up the nerve to take it out of the house ;)

Stay tuned for more on my new cane
and my official review...



  1. Steph, I totally know what you mean sweetie! I am only 28 and I am using a wal;ker currently but I have so many falls my doctor just asked me like 2 appts ago to see about an electric chair. I've faught all my frickin life to walk! I'm not giving up now! I think you will look beautiful with your new cane outta the house! They will be staring at your smile, not your cane! :) Keep your head up, all changes take time. ;) xoxo Haley Gregory

  2. Hi Steph,
    I am a new follower from My Journey With Candida..... You are right on with your blog name. Chronic Pain Sucks!!!

    Since I got off sugar... most if not all of my pain left.... don't know why.. but it did and adios to it. Now if I can cure my digestive problem.... I will be thrilled.

    Here is a blog you might want to check out. Kim is a great lady. Because of an accident, she is in a wheel chair and just starting to use a cane.

    Stop by and give me a follow back if you get a chance... maybe when we are down we can pick each other up. Terry

  3. Hello, Terry is so nice to recommended me! I have MS, would love to get back to using a cane? I can use a walker sometimes.
    ps I do understand "I'm not old" feeling! lol but I am getting there at 50

  4. Steph,
    I'm so sorry your body is failing you. But... looks like your mind is in shape. You don't look old from here :-)
    The cane rocks - wear it proud!
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog