Sunday, January 23, 2011

Come be inspired with me.....

I just discovered this wonderfully inspiring man,
Sean Stephenson

I couldn't NOT share him with you!!

As soon as he started talking on this video, I knew I was going to like him...
the video I watched didn't warn me that it was a dance party...
so when he said we were going to dance, I was
all kinds of excited!!!

I don't dance nearly enough!!
And now that I've watched this video, I can now say that tenfold.

I don't dance nearly enough!!

OK, enough is and dance already.....

OK...I'm dying to know your thoughts!!!

And better yet, I'm dying to know, did you dance along??

I totally did, and when he said to make sure I was alone, I cheated a little...
I let my ten and five years old stick around to watch.
(I mean why not, they already thought I was crazy, lol)
And then I totally went all out...but only from the waist up, I thought it was only
fair with Sean on the screen and all.

But you can be sure of one thing...
I will definitely be taking Sean up on his recommendation of
having my own dance party three times a day, every day!!!



This wont be the last you hear from me
about Sean that is....
he has a really cool book out that I'm trying to get my hands on...
among other things I'll be sharing...
that is, if your comments are positive!!

Lessons learned and....

I have learned

 that allowing your child

to watch television


play video games for a little while,

while you rest on the couch


cause lightening to strike


children services to show up at your




OK, so listen up, I don't actually take 
any credit for those words up-top.
Although I completely agree with them :) 
and have many a times laid down on the couch while 
the kids were here in the living room with me, either
watching TV, playing legos, etc.
They all know that Mommy is right there on the
couch and that if they need anything, I am just
resting, all they have to do is ask. 
They are not allowed to answer the door or
the phone no matter what!!!
But they have no problem with that, because 
the younger one's can't answer the door
even when I'm not resting !!!!
So when I am hurting and exhausted and 
I need a rest, I take it!!
And I don't feel guilty in the slightest :)
The credit actually goes to a wonderful new blog
that I happened to come across...
Oh, don't you just love it when that happens???
So anyways, the blog is called
Rest Ministries 
The actual article that I 
got this lesson from can be found here.

I definitely think you should check it out!!
There is more than a wealth of information there.
You can even sign up for a daily devotional
to be sent directly to you email each day if you like.

If you are interested in the daily devotionals
or want more information about them,

OK, I'm off for now.
Hope you all are feeling well as can be!!
I'd love to hear some of your stories or ailments 
if you care to share!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm off and hopping....

and pretty early if I don't say...

Perhaps I should try and go back to bed, 
and meet more of you later on when the kids are off to school :)

B&B Button

Join me why don't you?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine's Day giveaway ....

Hey there...
we all know that Valentine's Day is
very quickly creeping up on us....

I just wanted to let you all know that I have an
giveaway going on 
right now on my other blog :)

I felt like sharing the wealth...
I am an EdenFantasys Ambassador
and I have a few of my own
gift codes that I haven't used yet!!
So, if you are interested, 
head on over there and
get yourself as many entries as you can!!

Hey, maybe you can find something there that will help you to 
at least forget about you pain for a little while
every once in awhile :)

Mention you read about it on "THIS Chronic Pain SUCKS" 
and take three extra entries!!!!....after the mandatory one, of course :)
You can click here to find the post.
I would appreciate it if you'd finish reading and then respond to
the question I ask though. Thank you in advance!!

I don't actually know if this is fair or not...
but I didn't actually announce the post as a giveaway on my
other blog!! I guess I wanted to see how many
people would read through the whole post.

I am going to post it on the giveaways page and on the side bar though.
Who knows, I'll probably feel like super guilty all night,
not be able to sleep and then get up and
change it first thing anyways!!

Please share your thoughts with me on this...
Do you think that was wrong of me??
Not to post the giveaway in the post title??
It's me giving it away, not a sponsor!!

And, yes...I do realize that many of you follow me on both blogs!!
I much appreciate you!!

((Hugs)) and health!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Is anyone interested???

So, I've been thinking that it might be fun to host a Valentine's Day SWAP!!
and call it the:

I've participated in a few, 
and I think they are an absolute blast!!

For those of you who don't know what a swap is....
You can read more about it at the bottom of this post!!!

Since it's a month away from Valentine's Day,
I'd like to make the theme
'Luv & Hearts'
(or anything pink, red, and Valentiney) 

So, I guess basically I need to know who is interested??
Just leave me a quick message.
I'll start thinking of whether we'll partner up 
or if I'll just assign each of you someone.

I guess that will all depend on how much feedback we get.
I will be making a link
so that you can officially sign up 
within the next couple of days if we have enough people :)

And now comes the hardest part of all.....
Setting the price limit!!!
If you don't mind... would you leave a price limit with your msg 
that you feel would be appropriate and affordable.

$10 ??    $15 ??     $20 ??     $25 ??
plus postage!!
We don't want to break the bank here, and we all want to have fun,
and still some great stuff :)
I'm also thinking that we could maybe have two different
set amounts, and then you could join whichever
one fits your budget!! It's a thought!!
Let me know!?!?!?!?

And after we get all that figured out...
You would be responsible for mailing your package out on or before Sat. Feb.5th
That would give you a full three weeks to shop,
and it would still ensure that everyone receives their package by Valentine's Day.


What is a SWAP??

Basically, you either get matched up with someone 
you get someone's name (and you usually keep it a secret)
and then there is a set amount of money that you spend
and a certain 'theme' that the swap is based on....

Then you go out and have a blast putting together a package
for your person and send it out by the due-date.

In return, you get a fabulous package, that was put together just for you!!
Now does that or does that not sound like fun???

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Take One Down & Pass It Around

Who doesn't love getting blog awards? I know I do. Its not the only reason any of us write, but its nice to
 know that what we write is appreciated. This is why this 'Seal of Approval' got started. There are no rules
 like tell me your favorite color, shoe size or naming six things you hate about your mother in law.

If you're reading this right now, you've got my Seal of Approval. 

The only thing I ask is that when you take the seal, link him back to my blog, then pass him on...
 asking those who take him from your blog to link him back to you. And so ... and so on .... and so on.

I took my 'Seal of Approval' from:

Are You Serious?
Make sure you check out her blog, leave her some luv,
and why not follow her while you;re there!!
Oh, and make sure you tell her that you're there because
you seen my "Seal of Approval" on 4 the LUV of SaNiTy!!!
Thanks so much :)

He has his bags packed and is ready to travel !! Lets see how far around the blogosphere we can take him. 

With much love,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Want to know what I've found????

I've been doing a whole lot of research....
And these are just a few of the things I've found.

I most definately wanted to share them with all of you today!!
They touched my heart in a special way,
and I hope they will do the same for you...
or even inspire you to do some research on your own....
(If you do, please share it with me here!! Thanks!!)

As I've said before...


OK, enough of that!!!
Here is what I want to share with you today!!

First off, I'm reading:

and today I'm going to share just 3 ways to change your world
that come from the 'healthy interest' section!

First: #53 Let Your Mouse Save A Child!!

"Save young lives and help children stay healthy with a click of a button that generates a sponsor's
donation. It's COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU at, where you'll find
daily, monthly, and annual statistics on how many children and which health issues are receiving aid." 
Oh, and while you're there (yes, I'm hoping you will visit this site!!)
I hope that you will also click on each of the other tabs and then click so that a sponsor
will also donate for each of those wonderful causes as well.
And the best part about this is can click on each of these EVERY DAY!!!

Second: #59 Watch Your Wording!!

"Learn to speak with sensitivity about Cancer." Cilda's Club (, a support
center formed in honor of the later Gilda Radner, advises referring to "people living with cancer," rather than "cancer victims' or "cancer patients." It also recommends "encouraging people who live with cancer
to express their full range of feelings, rather than insisting on 'staying positive'."

Third: Connect Kids With Support

"Introduce a child with diabetes or other health challenges to empowering library or online resources.
 For example, the National Diabetes Association's Youth Zone provides engaging ways to take charge at For fun general health activities, try or"

So, what do you think??
Do you think you will use any of these that I have mentioned??
I hope so!!

Also, you should think about getting or at least reading a copy of
this wonderful book :)

Have a great day!

I hope each and every one of you are happy and healthy today!!

I hope that you are feeling as pain-free as possible!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

You'll never believe this one....

Today I am leaving my house....

I know I do that all the time
I go to six appointments a week to be exact!!

But that's NOT what I mean...

I am leaving the house today just for the fun of it!!!

Thats right, you read it right!!

I am leaving the house with absolutely no obligations to fill.
(Well other than getting a chai tea!!)

I have nothing...and I mean NOTHING that I have to do today!!

I'm just leaving the house to go and find something fun to do,
can you believe it???

I can't either!!!


I'll let you know all the details later :)

Wish me lots of fun !!

Have a great day everyone!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm the 'Blog of the Day' WOOT!!!

 Hey there,
you can't imagine how excited
and appreciative I was to read that 
my blog has been chosen to be
"Blog of the Day"
I know what you're thinking....
"Yeah, one would nominate me for 
"Blog of the Day" right???
I really was nominated
by COPYMAN at 

For those of you who haven't yet visited his blog,

Here's the link one more time...
You know, just in case you missed the first one, :)

I'm really hoping to see some of
as new followers to his blog :)

for making me blog of the day!!

It means a lot to me,
I appreciate it very much :)

Perhaps this blog will catch up with my other blog
in terms of followers!!!

And for those of you who haven't seen my other blog,
I hope you will take a look at it and follow !!

Have a wonderful day!
I'm off to one of my six weekly Dr/PT/Rheumetologist/ etc.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just what does 'sick' look like??

Just what does 'sick' look like???

So often someone will ask me about how I'm feeling,
or how some of my treatments are working out for me,
and people will look at me...and say....
"You, what could possibly be wrong with you?"

When I tell them just some of my six or seven diagnoses
 (I lose count, or at least try to!!)
They reply with a,
"But, you always look so healthy and happy!"

YES, I try and smile through the pain
for my children's' sake and for my own sake.
Since there is no magical cure for the things I have....
there is no need to dwell on them, and cry about them 24/7.

 Now, don't get me wrong...
There are many days that I cry.
(I always try to cry in the shower!)
Why? It's my comfort zone..and my kids can't see me when I'm in the shower!!

I just wanted to post this today to remind others
what we already know...
Just because someone is smiling on the outside...
Doesn't mean they aren't dying, crying, hurting, etc...on the inside!!

What it all boils down to...
basically, that whole
cuz I'm sure we all remember what
stands for, right?

Ok, enough of my babbling/preaching, etc.

I hope all of you are feeling as well as you can be
under the circumstances!
I'm thinking of you all, YES ALL,
even those of you I don't know yet!!
Others in pain, are always in my thoughts :)

Luv and health to you.