Friday, January 14, 2011

Is anyone interested???

So, I've been thinking that it might be fun to host a Valentine's Day SWAP!!
and call it the:

I've participated in a few, 
and I think they are an absolute blast!!

For those of you who don't know what a swap is....
You can read more about it at the bottom of this post!!!

Since it's a month away from Valentine's Day,
I'd like to make the theme
'Luv & Hearts'
(or anything pink, red, and Valentiney) 

So, I guess basically I need to know who is interested??
Just leave me a quick message.
I'll start thinking of whether we'll partner up 
or if I'll just assign each of you someone.

I guess that will all depend on how much feedback we get.
I will be making a link
so that you can officially sign up 
within the next couple of days if we have enough people :)

And now comes the hardest part of all.....
Setting the price limit!!!
If you don't mind... would you leave a price limit with your msg 
that you feel would be appropriate and affordable.

$10 ??    $15 ??     $20 ??     $25 ??
plus postage!!
We don't want to break the bank here, and we all want to have fun,
and still some great stuff :)
I'm also thinking that we could maybe have two different
set amounts, and then you could join whichever
one fits your budget!! It's a thought!!
Let me know!?!?!?!?

And after we get all that figured out...
You would be responsible for mailing your package out on or before Sat. Feb.5th
That would give you a full three weeks to shop,
and it would still ensure that everyone receives their package by Valentine's Day.


What is a SWAP??

Basically, you either get matched up with someone 
you get someone's name (and you usually keep it a secret)
and then there is a set amount of money that you spend
and a certain 'theme' that the swap is based on....

Then you go out and have a blast putting together a package
for your person and send it out by the due-date.

In return, you get a fabulous package, that was put together just for you!!
Now does that or does that not sound like fun???

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  1. That sounds like tons of fun to me. I love getting stuff. My husband makes fun of me cause I'll take anything that's free. What's wrong with that? Lol.