Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine's Day giveaway ....

Hey there...
we all know that Valentine's Day is
very quickly creeping up on us....

I just wanted to let you all know that I have an
giveaway going on 
right now on my other blog :)

I felt like sharing the wealth...
I am an EdenFantasys Ambassador
and I have a few of my own
gift codes that I haven't used yet!!
So, if you are interested, 
head on over there and
get yourself as many entries as you can!!

Hey, maybe you can find something there that will help you to 
at least forget about you pain for a little while
every once in awhile :)

Mention you read about it on "THIS Chronic Pain SUCKS" 
and take three extra entries!!!!....after the mandatory one, of course :)
You can click here to find the post.
I would appreciate it if you'd finish reading and then respond to
the question I ask though. Thank you in advance!!

I don't actually know if this is fair or not...
but I didn't actually announce the post as a giveaway on my
other blog!! I guess I wanted to see how many
people would read through the whole post.

I am going to post it on the giveaways page and on the side bar though.
Who knows, I'll probably feel like super guilty all night,
not be able to sleep and then get up and
change it first thing anyways!!

Please share your thoughts with me on this...
Do you think that was wrong of me??
Not to post the giveaway in the post title??
It's me giving it away, not a sponsor!!

And, yes...I do realize that many of you follow me on both blogs!!
I much appreciate you!!

((Hugs)) and health!!


  1. i like giveaways they are fun

  2. I found it so I see nothing wrong with since I found it. Lol. I think it's your blog and your giveaway and you can do what you darn please. I appreciate all you do. Thanks.