Friday, March 11, 2011

Any tea lovers out there like me???

Because if so??
I'm here to share the wealth....

Free tea for however long it lasts...

If you head over to the Teasta tea website, you can choose 2 different types of tea & have them sent to you completely FREE! These are .3 oz sizes.
Here’s how it works:
  • At the Teasta tea website, choose 2 different kinds of tea priced at $3.15 or less & add them to your cart
  • At checkout, use the coupon code: TRYME to receive both packages of tea for free
  • Shipping will be free as well
*Make sure you choose 2 different kinds of tea- otherwise it won’t work !!
Pass it on...


  1. very cool! passing it along :) I love that I didn't have to enter my credit card info as well - I always hate doing that when I'm not really BUYING anything.