Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A favor and an apology...

I know, I know....you probably thought I quit my blog, eh???

Well I didn't...I'm just having a REALLY incredibly BAD MONTH!!!

First off, my 14 year old, Jacob
ran away this past Saturday afternoon...
and as many of you know, I have GAD
(Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and even
if I didn't....I'd have been going crazy since
that day!! It's been more than 72 hours :(
I am asking that all of you would pray for him,
send up love and light,
good thoughts,
all of those things I would very much appreciate!!


Now..if any of you are still waiting on things that you have won,
let me know...I have tried to slowly get things in the mail
that I was behind on....(a big thanks for being so understanding and waiting!!)
Since I don't have Internet at the house right now...
It's very slow going, 30 minutes at a time
at the local library....especially when I have over 14,000
emails in my inbox (and growing) and that's not my junk mail :(

With that....I'm off to do some mose searching
for my son!!

Love to all!

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